The V

Starr Cochran

It had been a long time. The passion once felt waned for a hundred different reasons perhaps like many other relationships after years of being together and yet apart. My once sexual being had been buried unceremoniously under a mound of every day this-and-that’s. My vagina was dead.

No wonder then that its resurrection was rude, painful and wonderful all at the same time. I wouldn’t have scripted the scenario quite that way, but it was one of life’s surprises that I will remember as long as my memory serves me.

Regardless of the state of your vajayjay, I thought it fitting to spend some time with it, with you. After all, we can’t talk about sex without talking about the root of our sexuality. So if you haven’t thought about it for a while, let’s take a few moments to embrace it, appreciate it, perhaps rediscover it.  

The V is not only our sexual portal, it’s a way for another to tap into us, connect with us in a unique way…our hearts, our energy, our beings. It makes sense then that when we decide to welcome someone into our special place, they are deserving of the pleasure. Our sexual partners are infusing their spirit, their energy into us. Is he worthy to commingle his essence with mine? I encourage you to think about the answer to that question next time someone is trying to get your panties off.

And who better to honor and respect our V’s than us. When we self-pleasure the energy is love and joy. There’s something to be said for this form of self-love with or without a partner nearby. It’s not a substitution for a lover; it’s about loving ourselves, and our amazing bodies.

Aside from the pure delight of your vajayjay, the release at the moment of climax has a way of triggering the flow of other juices… everywhere. The combination of the endorphin high and full on yee-haw is beneficial for our many selves. There may be other ways to get high, but there’s nothing like a beautiful orgasm.

So if you haven’t enjoyed your V in a while, give it some love and enjoy what it gives back to you.