Getting to the Snort

Starr Cochran

My desire to laugh everyday spurred me to take a class in stand-up comedy and subsequently to perform on several occasions. Given that we had to write our own material, the challenge was to make something funny out of daily life. I began to look at every situation as a joke opportunity that could make me laugh along with my audience. I was amazed. Changing our perspective changes everything.

How about you? What gets you there? To the belly-laugh, giggles, cackle, or evasive snort. Watching comedians or a comedic movie? What can you think of right now that can make you smile? I especially like to hear people laugh, which is why I enjoy telling stories until I get the laugh. And oh my, if I can get a snort, it’s a win in my book. I’ve got a friend who tries to stifle his snorts, but when I get him going, he can’t help himself. Snorting sends me over the edge. We all have goals. Another friend laughs like Arnold Horshack on Welcome Back Kotter and usually punctuates her laughter stream with a snort. The thought can always make me smile and if I imitate her, I can’t help but laugh out loud.

Laughter makes me happy and super happy gets me to joy. What gets you there? That euphoric, drug-like state of mind where time stands still, lost in whatever, wherever, with whoever or not. Ah. Perhaps meditation, and that works, but when there’s more activity involved, well, that’s something. What gets you going then keeps you in the zone? Creating, building, making? Watching children play? Gardening? Listening to the ocean’s waves? Any sort of movement that involves sweating? I’m a joyous fan.

Get to the snort! Get to joy! Whatever takes you to your special place, go there. As we’re often reminded, life’s too short to deny ourselves the pleasure of getting and being there.

As we begin a new year let’s add more humor and joy to our list of resolutions.

Is that a snort I hear?