And There it Goes

letting go

I recently moved. One of many moves in my life, and probably not my last. Toss in the times I’ve packed and purged for family and friends, I guess we could say I’m pretty good at it.

Sometimes It’s Not All About You

couple hugging

I’m not saying to get twisted up and bogged down in analysis at every event, just the biggies. Being a recovering over-thinker, I know, sometimes easier said than done.

The Men in Review

During an astrology reading I was told 2021 was my year for learning about relationships. Of course, my thought went to romantic relationships

A Special Someone

holding hands

I often ask couples how they met. A glance across a crowded room. A shift from friendship to something deeper.

Men Chase. Women Choose.

Men Chasing Women

I see your fingers poised over the text screen of the guy who has been rocking your world. He’s the one. You had the most amazing connection. OMG!